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Create Connection with Editorial and Commercial Content

Listen to your customers and amplify marginalized narratives to create a better future for us all. Support conscious consumerism while building up mountain and rural communities.

Subjects & Formats

Brand Strategy & Marketing Trends

Themes include brand innovation, intersectionality in consumer journey mapping, cross-channel digital strategy, and content marketing practices for SMBs, and more.

Trip Reports & Gear Reviews

> Splitboarding since 2014, skiing since 1986
> Trad climbing since 2013
> Surfing for 21 years
> 6 countries and 8 states in the USA

No end in sight for these adventure travels

Social Media Storytelling

I am a backcountry trad climbing-splitboarding-trail running athlete. With experience working in community development, while living and traveling through multiple countries (including Rural America, which is much like a foreign country), I create content that focuses on an Earth-first, Shop Small approach to support conscious consumer decisions.

Essays. Prose, & Creative Writing

Mountain culture, adventure travel, and an intersectional take on the outdoors experience.

Want to learn more about my background as a strategist, consultant, adventurer, and writer?

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I'm a four-season adventure traveling entrepreneurial woman of color in the outdoors; what do you want to talk about?