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Do you know why people have called me "a force," "a unicorn," and "an incredible team leader?"

Dig into the inspiration, methods, and tools behind the 10 years of marketing, strategy, change management, process, and digital experience that—when layered over continents of adventure travel and soul-searching—result in what you see today.


Building, shifting, and roadmapping culture change is one of the most exciting and challenging aspects of brand evolution. Let's workshop
Remote Work and Team Management
Learn how cross-functional teams in multiple time zones can work together to create their best work yet. This workshop and team training includes onboarding for Asana, Miro (formerly known as RealtimeBoard), Google Drive, and other relevant apps.

With a focus on time management, productivity, and team workflows, attendees learn tricks of the trade that have enabled me to manage global creative and product teams for the last 6 years.
Brand, Marketing, and Design as Agents of Change
+ Change Marketing: Driving Impact and Behavioral Change with Marketing Initiatives

+ How to Become a Purpose-Driven Creative: Use Your Skills to Change the World

+ Create a Seamless Experience: Information Architecture & the U/X Wireflow to Connect Marketing, Creative, and Development Teams to the Consumer Experience
Lifestyle Design
+ Design Your Life: Balance Personal Priorities with Career Choices for Lifelong Learning & Growth

+ The Corporate Graduate: Dream (and Follow-through) After Quitting Corporate

+ Find Your Why: Balance Priorities to Chart Your Life Path

+ Personal Branding 101
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
"+ Using the Lens of Intersectionality in Consumer Research: How Diverse Voices Can Inform Content (and Business) Strategy

+ Creating Inclusive Spaces in the Ski Industry

+ Understanding the Consumer Journey: Brand Innovation in 2020 and Beyond
Empowerment, Identity, and Adventure Travel
+ Overlanding, Adventure Travel, and Identity as a Woman of Color in the Outdoors

+ "Where Are You From:" How to Know Self and Own Your Narrative

+ Don't Climb with Your Boyfriend: Women Mentoring Women in the Outdoors

+ Build a Business While On the Road: Vanlife, Remote Working, and Avoiding Burnout

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