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Strategy, À La Carte

Customer Journey Mapping

Anticipate the path future customers will take based on quantitative and qualitative insights.
A journey map is a visualization of the process that a person goes through in order to accomplish a goal. I design these with one of your customer archetypes in mind to document the emotions, actions, and psychological state of a person as they interact with your brand.

Visual Language

Create cross-platform consistency in the brand experience with visual (and editorial) guidelines.
Visual language, just like your brand's voice and tone (a.k.a. "editorial style", helps audiences have a consistent experience across all platforms.

Competitive Landscape

Get the gut-check you need to improve your brand strategy
This analytical report, based on both qualitative and quantitative information, helps you understand your competitors’ performance and strategy currently in the marketplace.

Presentation Design

Drive your message home with memorable visuals and on-point messaging.
I design beautiful presentations and pitch decks while copywriting and/or -editing to elevate your message and drive action. I draw from my experience as an information architect, writer, copyeditor, and designer to reate impact where it's most needed.

Positioning & Messaging Design

Set yourself apart from the pack: let’s make it crystal clear to your customers why your product (or service) is for them.
Builds messaging architecture that helps different audiences understand the points you want to communicate—whether your intent is to create consensus, sell a product, or drive an action.

Buyer Personas

Tailor content and services to the specific needs, behaviors, and concerns of different groups with buyer personas.
Based in qualitative and/or quantitative data, customer personas give us a psychographic view into how our customers (i.e. consumers, employees, partners, or any other target audience) act, think, and feel.

Tell Me About Your Big Idea

The brand experience defines much more than the affinity and loyalty you aspire to inspire with customers. The brand experience also creates impressions that last a lifetime. Are you ready to empower customers to own their journey?​