Boundaries, Compassion, and Self-Love

an Interview with Women on the Road

My First Podcast Interview


This interview shares a snippet of my story, involving international adventure travel, the evolution of my growth mindset, and a journey towards empowerment.


The Women on the Road podcast shares "honest experiences of life on the road from the perspective of women who've lived them firsthand."

Here, we dive head-first into a few heady topics.


Step into the safe space we create with this interview, where we discuss permission to feel human, set boundaries, and step into self-love.

People Talk

Hold your horses! We’re not trying to sell you on listening to the podcast. Instead, maybe this feedback from listeners might just convince you to do it anyway.

Ade'! (Which is a greeting in my language)
I just want to say Dogidihn (thank you) for your sincerety and vunerability during your Women on the Road episode.....You capture so much in the way that you have thought through your story and the way that you were able to narrate your experience to WOTR. I think, at least for myself, that you were heard and felt in such an immense way. Iappreciate where you have been, the journey you are on, and the constant reflection it sounds like you are engaging in to push yourself forward.
....when you said you're either living for someone else or living for yourself: that hit deep. I ...[am excited to craft] a more authentic, self-driven life, and when I heard that line, it just summed it all up.
Episode 46 with Dani-Reyes-Acosta fundamentally changed me. I know that seems extreme but the past two years have been incredibly challenging....It was the conversation that I needed to hear, that made it okay to take ownership of all of my feelings, and it was the little bit of light that I needed to see to start to shake things up, to question where I am and why I'm there. Change doesn't happen overnight, but that episode gave me permission to start. I just want to say thank you for your work, it's touching vanlifers and non-vanlifers alike. ❤️

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