Authentic Activations Outdoor Retailer CAMP Panel Photo by Sonya Pevzner
Here, I join fellow panelists while Jeanine Pesce of Range and MJ Carroll of Revelry Experience host the "Authentic Activations" brand experience panel at Outdoor Retailer Winter '18 show. Photo by Sonya Pevzner.

From freelancer to consultant to creative entrepreneur, this is my professional journey

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Let's Start from the Beginning

Brand strategy and creative consulting have become a way for me to sublimate the energy of my life’s experiences into a structured form.

So what happens when you mix adventure, travel, and dedication to personal growth? I’ll give you a clue:  empathy is a big part of the equation. Still reading? Click that little button below, and you’ll learn more about what I’m up to with my brand strategy consultancy, Nomad Creativa.