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My mission is to help brands grow, connect, and evolve with initiatives that make a difference in the world. I advocate for a new generation of consumers, centering my brand and creative strategy work on the customer’s perspective and experience to help teams challenge convention to create connection.

I lead with my heart in the work I do as a storyteller and strategist—and go deep into the heartspace of the mountains as I march onwards, upwards,and beyond⁠ to the steady, foot-thumping beat of the corridos coursing through my veins—with a splitboard or a climbing rack in tow.

My 10+ years of experience in marketing, user experience, change management, and process improvement across organizations large and small enables me to create solutions addressing business challenges and growth initiatives to create a better future.

I am the founder, lead strategist, and creative director of Nomad Creativa, a boutique brand strategy firm dedicated to creating opportunity for every brand, large or small, to build a better future. We believe in finding opportunity where there is uncertainty, and creating alignment where there is discord.