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Digital & Content Strategy

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Note: All samples shared are my own.

Strategy, À La Carte

Customer Journey Mapping

By understanding how your audience engages with your product or service, we can better anticipate the path future customers will take.
A journey map is a visualization of the process that a person goes through in order to accomplish a goal. I design these with one of your customer archetypes in mind to document the emotions, actions, and psychological state of a person as they interact with your brand.

Visual Language

Create cross-platform consistency in the brand experience with visual (and editorial) guidelines.
Visual language, just like your brand's voice and tone (a.k.a. "editorial style", helps audiences have a consistent experience across all platforms.

Acting as Art Director, I typically partner with a Designer and/or Production Artist to develop these types of guides. (Note: Visual Centers and Brand Guides also fall into this category.)

U/X Web Wireflow

a.k.a. Map digital interaction and visual design in one easy-to-read document favored by leadership to development teams.
The wireflow layers interaction with design in a design-spec document. Like a typical wireframe, it shows general representations, weights, and balances of visual elements. It also shows interlinking page content, outbound links, and core functional elements that inform content and digital strategy.

I create these documents as standalone deliverables or as part of a holistic approach.

Content Audit

Set baseline for content improvement, from a qualitative and quantitative perspective.
This document provides a qualitative and quantitative view of all the content on your website and/or any sites that are a part of your brand.

This includes input on text content, assets, functionality, and links; plus, I also provide an overview of SEO performance (to inform content improvements).

Information Architecture

From sitemaps and pitchdecks to program management, let me articulate your big idea in an easy-to-digest format.
As a stategist, I think in big picture—but I also distill concepts into succinct, actionable formats for the teams, clients, and programs I manage.

Above, check out samples of website sitemaps I've created create. If you'd like to see pitchdecks, leadership presentations, or program management samples, just reach out!

UI Revisions

Get a quick fix to digital experience problems.
This one-off document is a quick way to understand what you need to do to improve a webpage or app experience.

These are a quick and more economical way of tip-toeing into experience improvements.

Three years ago [in 2016], the average points of influence in the buy cycle was 5.
Today it is 20.

Source: McKinsey

This means that we don’t just need to understand where our customers want to be spoken to; we also need to understand when it’s most appropriate to do so, and what their needs are.

This “Who, What, Where, Why, and When” approach is also known as good content and/or digital strategy.

my Process


Let’s work together to co-create a brand vision that layers audience needs with your own while also building consensus within your organization.
Facilitate brainstorming, ideation, and assessment sessions to set a baseline and develop a goal for our future state.

Leverage the psychology of change, design thinking, and Agile development to develop an aligned, scalable approach to brand positioning and strategic direction.


To create the change we want to see in the world, we must first understand where to start.
Use primary research—both qualitative and quantitative, in-person and virtual—to develop an understanding of the unique journey your customers take.
The goal of this exercise: to gain a holistic view of core audience journeys so we can understand the experience we need to build.


If we are the designers of our own destiny, we will need a framework to enact our vision.
The strategies we develop empower you to scale your story, whether across your organization or around the world.

To learn more about this work or how I do it with the unique team I build for each and every client, take a deep dive into my work with Nomad Creativa by clicking the link below.