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My systems thinking approach shouldn't just apply to consultative brand strategy, digital strategy, and content strategy work–there's so much I'd like to share outside of integrated program development for a few big clients a year.

New in 2018, I'm also offering my design-thinking rooted approach in a variety of formats to inspire action and activate change in teams and organizations of all sizes.

Core Offerings

Strategic Consulting

Brand strategy. Content strategy. Digital strategy. Business strategy. Roll these all up into one approach and you get an impact and growth strategy that broadens your brand’s reach.

You have a creative concept, brand values to live by, and business goals that drive your approach, but you’re still missing the secret sauce (let’s call it either a strategic roadmap and/or possibly the team) that will get you where you want to go. (Yes, I have a team. Check out Nomad Creativa online, FB, or IG.)

Working together to develop a strategic approach to your brand, content, or user experience challenge, we might work together on a single project, an entire product portfolio, or even a multiyear integrated marketing program, but one thing is certain: our customer research-driven work will be impactful.
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Creative Consulting

Bold, groundbreaking, customer-centric marketing doesn’t just happen.

Elevating brand values to the forefront of our approach, creative consulting finds the core of your brand’s soul—and equips teams with the direction, tools, messages, and support to bring to life the brand story your shareholders, investors, partners, and even your parents can get behind.

Founded in consumer insights and needs, the services I offer under the creative consulting category are similar in nature to those that live under the Strategic Consulting umbrella—but they are readily characterized by environments of ambiguity and/or transition. (Hint: this means there is no predefined scope of work.)

When things need to be shaken up, or already have been, we’ll work together to plot the best way forward. Ready?
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Community / Art Activism

The great outdoors inspire so much in all of us: they create community, beget belonging, and expose their own (and our) fragility. Grounded in an approach to create inspiring, measurable, consistent brand narratives, my work also seeks to positively impact the future of our public lands, our public health, and our community well-being.

The way I am doing this—as an artistic activist for communities founded in outdoor adventures like surfing, rock climbing, and backcountry skiing—is to contribute my writing, impact marketing skills, stewardship labor, and team leadership skills to advocate for the environment.

Grounded in the unshakeable belief that together, we can all create good in the world, my work as a community activist and public lands advocate looks like story that prioritizes inclusion, creates belonging, and drives the fundamental human need to understand identity.

So: are you ready to shift the narrative?
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Workshops & Trainings

Workshop and Speaking Topics

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
The Intersectional Lens in Consumer Research: How Diverse Voices Can Inform Content (and Business) Strategy
The Right Marketing Mix
Bridging Business Strategy with Marketing Goals for Scalable Impact
Systemic Change
Enabling Internal and External Leaders with Integrated Marketing and a Change-Driven Approach
Lifestyle Design
Design Your Life: Balance Personal Priorities with Career Choices for Lifelong Learning & Growth
Travel, Identity, and Adventure as a WOC
Overlanding, Adventure Travel, and Identity as a Woman of Color in the Outdoors
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Thoughts on the tiered approach? Please–let me know!

Consulting Considerations


Develop a creative vision for how we'll use design and brand story to sway hearts and compel action—and find the core of the challenge we're facing.


...brands to create campaigns that move with content governance, strategy, and agile process.

...consumers to own their journey with customer research


Create messaging, produce the approach, and manage the teams that will execute against the vision


Key wins with reports, dashboards, and key learnings to rev on our

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