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Creating brand marketing initiatives and programming that will make us proud is a collaborative process that doesn’t just happen on its own. We might need to drink a lot of coffee (or tea). There might be a whiteboard involved. There will probably be some meetings. Undoubtedly, there will be laughs.

But before anything can happen, you need to fill out this form, because mind-reading isn’t one of my skills (yet).
For the record, here are a few things I won’t respond to:

I consider requests for advertising, sales pitches, link buying requests, asking for money, requests to adopt your dog, or asking to “pick my brain” all spam.

To that last point: a clear and simple request will be the bedrock of our relationship. Please consider what you want to get out of our conversation before you ask for time (and tell me in the text field above). This may seem like overkill, but I assure you: it is not.


If you’re looking to join the creative collective I lead with other purpose-driven creatives, join the conversation first. You’ll find us on Instagram and Facebook as @nomadcreativa.

Already a fan there? Then request to join our Do Cool Shit Now group for FTW/GQ creatives. From side-hustle-dreaming cube dwellers to tenured creative consultants hunting for fresh recruits, this group is a great way to connect with a growing community of femme creatives, remote freelancers, and (of course) the project managers that support our wild ideas.

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