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Designing Brand Strategy and Consumer Marketing initiatives That Challenge Convention, Create Connection, and Change Minds

My Expertise


Here, we co-create the foundation for brand, program, or product marketing with an approach that finds new market opportunities and solves consumer concerns.

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- brand positioning - brand strategy - customer research - customer-centric messaging - brand language - brand essence - art direction - creative direction - consumer insights - team development - persona development - trend and competitor analysis


The role of brand strategy is to take concept into reality—to create an actionable plan that builds on existing content, ideas, and perspectives to make the future we envision a concrete reality.

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brand strategy - content marketing strategy - user experience strategy information design - information architecture - digital strategy - messaging design - digital product roadmapping - cross-channel communication plans - content calendars; integrated marketing plans - pitch decks - initiative incubation /// Go-to-market product marketing; digital product roadmapping; annual marketing plans; brand calendars; content calendars; integrated marketing plans; storytelling; pitch decks


How you grow, evolve, and connect….that will make all the difference in your story.
Ask yourself: what story will you write?

Looks Like....

- new digital channels - new conversations and bridges to dialogue - process digitization - lowering operational costs - enhancing customer experience - business transformation - intersectional lens to consumer research - consumer-driven product development - dashboard and metrics - agile-driven innovation

How I see the world

My Approach

I underpin all my brand strategy and creative direction work with the psychology of change because the best marketing doesn’t just move hearts and minds—it also inspires action. Combining logic-based tactics with psychology-driven levers, my work empowers consumers to own their journey—and for brands to make a lasting difference.

This empathy-driven approach didn’t appear from nowhere, though.  Since graduating from corporate life in 2014, I have chased snow, rock, and surf adventure as a means to drive not only my personal growth, but also to better understand the dynamics and touchpoints of origin, identity, and community—all of which shows up in my work with clients. 

I am a fully bilingual (sometimes trilingual) ENFJ with more than 10 years of experience in brand marketing, content strategy, user experience, international travel. I live to create better experiences and connections.

Start Fresh
Spend the time to find out how visceral experiences enrich my own life. Here, jumping for joy at the Lobería Cobquecura in Ñuble, Chile (Region VIII). Photo by Meg Waite.
Recharge, Always
The mountains have my heart, but the ocean owns my soul. Here, a fun day at La Punta de Zicatela, in Oaxaca, Mexico.
Support Community
Access Fund 2017 Annual Climber's Summit in Oakland, CA
Believe In Good
Splitboarding in the Sierra Nevada on a bluebird pow day. Believe me: the goods are there.

Perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of being an outsider is that you can see things insiders can't.

The Times, They are a-Changin’

Why Brand Innovation?

Watch as the idea builds out in the next four slides.

Uphold Bravery
Bold, groundbreaking, customer-centric marketing doesn’t just happen.
Aligning teams to a cause and marketing strategy to business goals can require challenging the status quo to fit the new consumer paradigm.
We must challenge the status quo to build new consumer connections. This is called “doing the work,” and whether that means we put together a team training that nudges everyone’s barriers of what’s “known” and “safe” or needing to pitch a disruptive brand strategy to the rest of your organization, I (and members of the Nomad Creativa collective) will guide you through the process of brand innovation.
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Acknowledge Value in Difference
Consumer demographics are changing. The USA will be a "plurality nation" soon, and minorities will be the majority by 2044. Millenials—currently 30% of the US population but also 44% minority—will command the largest proportion of US discretionary income in 5 years.
I challenge you: how have you integrated unique beliefs, backgrounds, talents, capabilities, and ways of living into your target audiences, customer research, and consumer demographic information?
Challenge yourself: what is your brand doing to evolve with the times?
Help Us Evolve
Make Cool Shit Happen
Brand innovation isn't just about making new consumer connections; it's also about building new bridges to dialogue, creating consumer-relevant cross-channel content initiatives, and evolving brand experiences to meet your customers' needs. Are you ready?
Let's Do This
Yoga Retreat to Huatulco Mexico Photo Trevor Sven Carlson
Friends and teachers on a yoga retreat with I Am Flower of Light Yoga near Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Why Take This Path?

Incorporating life’s experiences to benefit career and client

Since becoming a “corporate graduate” in 2014, I’ve embarked on a journey to explore, grow, and adventure in ways I never previously thought possible. 

With Not Lost, Just Discovering, I explore topics of identity, adventure travel, and conscious consumerism all in the name of rewriting my narrative as I own my journey.

To me, brand marketing excellence, adventure travel, and personal development are not mutually exclusive concepts. Instead, I believe that they are complimentary passions that all inform how I tell a better story and craft a better approach. 

Want to learn more? 

Join in the Journey

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