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Perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of being an outsider is that you can see things insiders can't.

Brand / Life Approach

Doing the Work

I underpin all my brand strategy and creative direction work with the psychology of change because the best marketing doesn’t just move hearts and minds—it also inspires action. Combining logic-based tactics with psychology-driven levers, my work empowers consumers to own their journey—and for brands to make a lasting difference.

This empathy-driven approach didn’t appear from nowhere, though.  Since graduating from corporate life in 2014, I have chased snow, rock, and surf adventure as a means to drive not only my personal and spiritual growth, but also to better understand the dynamics and touchpoints of origin, identity, and community—all of which shows up in my work with clients.

The Quadruple Bottom Line (also known as a 4 Ps approach—people, profit, planet, and purpose/progress) informs my approach to both work and life because experience (and data) shows that a focus on culture, accountability, and community doesn’t just look nice on paper; it’s also better for business (and humanity).

Just another day looking for WiFi as a digital nomad, this time, eating mangos and listening to pounding surf at Casa Kei, in Puerto Escondido, Mexico
The mountains have my heart, but the ocean owns my soul. Here, a fun day at La Punta de Zicatela, in Oaxaca, Mexico
Photographer (and friend) Kaya Lindsay captured my essence. Maybe. See Kaya's work here.
That moment you realize there is a much easier way up. Leading pitch 2 on Castleton Tower’s North Chimney route (📍Ute lands). Photo by Kaya Lindsay.
Splitboarding in the Sierra Nevada on a bluebird pow day.

Core Truths

Because living our truth is just as important as speaking it

Create Belonging

If community is the container where we experience belonging...

Then we—as leaders, marketers, creatives, and branding experts—must ask ourselves exactly what traits we want to define us as the parameters for the container of community.
These traits, or different aspects of brand essence, if you will, provide a framework for understanding that our partners, colleagues, and customers experience throughout the lifecycle of their relationship with the brand.
These traits define how others perceive us—and create a welcoming environment that invites potential customers to be a part of the party. (Hint: this also means you will likely sell more products.)
Please, Illustrate

Uphold Bravery

Bold, groundbreaking, customer-centric marketing doesn’t just happen.

We must be willing to explore aspects of our organizations (and ourselves) that might feel a little sticky. This is called “doing the work,” and whether that means we put together a team training that nudges everyone’s barriers of what’s “known” and “safe” or needing to pitch a disruptive brand strategy to the rest of your organization, I (and members of the Nomad Creativa collective) will guide you through the process of distilling your core brand truths to a palatable offering your team, customers, and colleagues will crave.
Building bridges to new consumer connections can be profitable, but it can also be uncomfortable. It demands that we look deeply within ourselves, both as individuals and as organizations, to think about how we lead with our values. It requires us to think about who have been our customers, who we want to be our customers, and why. Most importantly, it mandates thoughtfulness of approach in how we talk about inclusivity and shifting consumer demographics.
However, that’s why I’m here: to partner with you in your journey towards bravery, your mission to uphold your values in new and game-changing ways, and your calling to create consumer connections your organization hasn’t even realized exist yet.
I know, it’s scary. But I challenge you: when was last time you looked at the horizon to ponder just what might be possible?
Are You Serious?

Make Cool Shit Happen

Many are the marketers that talk about “following your North Star,” to create authentic messaging. And yet, they never break down exactly what defines a North Star, how far away it is, or even how it got on your brand marketing roadmap in the first place.
When you engage me as a consultant, trainer, or partner, we’ll have the essential conversation that explores just what that North Star might look like.
What do you get when you combine a creative process rooted in design thinking with data-driven research and a dash of tenacity? Why, a direction (and plan) on how content and experience engage target audiences to drive action, of course!

Acknowledge Value in Difference

If community is the container where we experience belonging...

Isn’t it time we actually listened to our consumers, customers, colleagues, and competitors? Imagine what taking a marketing approach underpinned by empathy—and true consumer insights—could mean to our work together. What would valuing each individuals’ experience mean to your business? Let’s imagine: each and every person has a unique set of experiences that defines them. These experiences inform their journey as individual contributors, community members, consumers, and community leaders. While it may not be possible to ever fully and viscerally understand every individual’s experience, the commonalities that define us—ie. basic and complex human needs, wants, and aspirations—can provide us with a framework for understanding (and empathy) if we’re open to it.
In turn, understanding what each individual’s journey looks like enables us to connect with them.
I challenge you: how have you integrated unique beliefs, backgrounds, talents, capabilities, and ways of living into your target audiences, customer research, and consumer demographic information?

Walking the Path

My project (and personal brand), Not Lost, Just Discovering, provides me with outlet for stories of heritage, adventure, and the journey within.

To me, marketing excellence, adventure, and individual self-actualization are not mutually exclusive concepts. Instead, I believe that they are complimentary passions that all inform how I tell a better story and craft a better approach. Below, a snippet into how I live my life.

(Alternatively, you can learn about some of the community activism work I do to support our public lands and the communities that call me their own.)


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