Empowering Brand Connections

I am a brand strategist, social entrepreneur, and creative consultant.

I design and develop disruptive marketing programs (and teach others how to do the same) for movements grounded in purpose and driven by audacity.



As a strategist, I map the best way forward to create authentic experiences that build bridges to new consumer demographics.


As a creative, I design innovative approaches to human connection.


As a leader, I cultivate excellence: in people I work for, with, and alongside, in the products and services we offer, and in the processes we create to get to where we want to go.

The brand experience defines much more than the affinity and loyalty you might aspire to inspire with customers. The brand experience also creates impressions that last a lifetime.

I work with brands and creative teams just like yours to define and refine the creative direction, digital strategy, and brand voice that empowers customers to own their journey (and for brands to make a lasting difference).

What is Brand Innovation?

Brand, with intention

Purpose-driven marketing and brand strategy looks just like everyday brand marketing, with one key difference: it seeks to create positive impact in the world.


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Creative Consulting

Solving a specific business problem with design thinking, creative direction, and consumer insights
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Strategic Consulting

Creating brand, digital, and content strategies for marketing programs and brands that seek to make a difference
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Workshops and Trainings

In-person workshops, trainings, and story-sharing wherein my approach (and various experiences) have been packaged in a 1- to 3-hour format
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Community Activism

Advocting for our public lands, public health, and communities with art activism and more.
Why? Because the Great Outdoors don't have a voice.


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